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What is the truth about fortune tellers? Get the facts on fortune telling

How accurate are fortune tellers, or are they merely for entertainment? Why would someone want to see a fortune teller, and what is the type of information they can provide?


And what about the fortune teller stereotype?


Does it truly reflect the nature of fortune telling or is it just a case of undeserved bad press and how to things?


I am going to give you some HONEST answers to some frequently asked questions on fortune telling in this article. I have been studying psychics for two decades. Want to learn more? Keep reading as we explore psychics in more depth!


What exactly is a fortune teller?


You raise an excellent point. How’s it going? It strikes me as a kind of disparaging and “unenlightened” term.


As a tarot reader, psychic, clairvoyant, or medium, I don’t believe that any of them would want to be called a fortune teller, and it denotes a negative impression to me.




Psychic is a slang term for fortune teller frequently used in euphemisms. Its origin dates back hundreds of years and in the modern world, has come to be associated with circus psychics who use costumes and crystal balls to predict the future.


Will the future really be predicted by a legitimate psychic?


Definitely. There are actually very convincing studies that suggest YOU can also predict the future!


Rather than dig into a scientific article on time and space and how they are related to future events, let’s just say that precognition, or the ability to see things that have not yet happened, is a well-established phenomenon.


What tools do fortune tellers use?


What a great question! A lot depends on the type of reader as well as whether they have a genuine psychic ability or are just playing games or trying to entertain the audience.


A good psychic can use a variety of methods, including tarot cards, intricate astrological charts, the ability to read objects (often called psychometry), or even channeling or communicating with spirit guides. (most commonly associated with psychic mediumship)


When it comes to fortune tellers or entertainment psychics, they often use props like a crystal ball, or some other type of gimmick that they feel plays into the expectations of the audience.


If you plan on doing a workshop like this, it will not be a tool that will help you see your future; rather, it should be used for fun and light entertainment only.


Are psychic readings, tarot cards, or astrological insights really able to change my life for the better?


Definitely. It’s totally okay that some people may have a difficult time believing that, and I understand that. As a matter of personal experience, I am convinced that there is much more to life than meets the eye.


Each of us has karma and a spiritual component to our lives that is extremely important. By tapping into this “power,” we are able to find our personal purpose, PASSION, and live the type of life we were destined for.


What is the BEST way to determine if a fortune teller is gifted, honest and able to predict the future?


Your intuition is your best guide. Don’t be fooled by something that looks or feels gimmicky. It is not necessary to play along if you truly want to have genuine intuitive insight.


Find real readers who do not use props, shills, or any silly tools or techniques that perpetuate a stereotype that does not reflect reality (and insults REAL professional readers as well).


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