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What is WiFi Marketing and How Can Your Business Get Benefit from it?

Organizations are always in search of new ideas and techniques for promoting their businesses. And in most cases, they use technology to serve their purpose. One such strategy (that came to the limelight recently) is Marketing business with the help of WiFi. In the current business environment, this marketing way can be considered as one of the most innovative and effective ways to advertise. The idea behind WiFi marketing is to communicate messages, offers, or coupons directly to potential customers and users near the point of emission.

The brick-and-mortar businesses create a WiFi coverage area where anyone with a WiFi-enabled device can connect to and access the services that have been made available. Once a shopper connects with their WiFi, the retailers use a targeted approach of marketing for boosting their businesses. Shoppers are always expecting guest WiFi at every retail store, so, it is very important that your business is offering this facility. If you want to learn in detail what this marketing strategy is and how it can benefit your business, continue reading.


What is WiFi Marketing and How Does it Work? 

WiFi marketing for business is when a retailer offers free in-store WiFi to its shoppers in exchange for their contact information. The wifi provider then uses this information to send out marketing campaigns through emails and text messages, to these customers.

Offline businesses provide free social WiFi in their venues for their customers. And when a shopper tries to connect with it, he either reaches a WiFi landing page where he will share some information about his personality or he will connect through his social media account. The latter is less time taking and more convenient for the user. But it extracts almost the same amount of information.

And once the user is connected with your WiFi, you can control which webpage loads first on their device. And this will help you to direct him to your social media accounts and website. It ultimately increases your online traffic and improves your social media presence.

What is in Social WiFi for the Customer?

This trend of offering free Wifi has many benefits for retailers as well as customers. Let’s discuss a few of them related to the shopper.

  • Consumers are always in search of free WIFi to save their mobile data. And guest WiFi in a retail store is a great blessing for them. Moreover, the internet speed of their WiFi is potentially faster than their mobile network. This means they can enjoy fast browsing while saving some MBs of their mobile data.
  • The WiFi facility is super convenient for them because they get free coupons and other offers in accordance with their interests. These offers help them save some dollars.
  • Free WiFi also improves their overall shopping experience. They will enjoy shopping in the retail store. According to a survey conducted by Devicescape, nearly 62% of a business’s customers stick around for longer when free WiFi is provided.

How Can Offering free WiFi Boost Your Business?

Improves Your Sales:  

The ultimate goal of every business strategy is to drive sales. Free WiFi can help retailers in this regard because due to this service a shopper spends more time in your store. And it is true that the more time a customer spends at your store means the more money he is likely to spend there. He may stumble across something that he wouldn’t have otherwise seen if he had rushed out of the building. Free WiFi gives you more time to “make your pitch” to your customer.

Helps You in Getting a Better Understanding of Customers:  

WiFi marketing for business grants you access to a cornucopia of information and data about your customers. Furthermore, this marketing strategy also provides you with their shopping trends. You can then use this insight to get an in-depth understanding of your customers, their in-store experiences, and what makes them tick. All this information will help you in devising your sale strategy, your promotion plan, and a targeted marketing approach.

Builds You an Audience:  

By collecting email addresses and social profiles of potential customers, you are creating an audience of interested individuals. This will help you in targeting your marketing efforts. You will also have insight into their shopping and online behavior, making it possible for you to leverage for more targeted advertisements and promotions.

Perfect Method of Promotions:  

There are several ways that businesses can use for their promotions but using WiFi marketing to promote their brand is the most effective and economical method of serving the purpose. With it, you can place a message on your splash page, use retargeted ads, and email campaigns for marketing purposes.

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