Feed Your Dog

What Should You Feed Your Dog?


Feed Your Dog

Dog food and snacks hold a considerable share of the market. But do you know not all of these foods are good for your dog? Yes, you heard it right. Dogs require a balanced diet just like human beings!

Here is a list of some of the best raw dog food and cooked ones you should give to your dog. Do keep in mind that a balanced, healthy diet is the key to your dog’s holistic development and growth. Read on.


Mothers have been after their kids to eat carrots for a long time! But dogs need it as much too. It is truly one of the healthiest dog snacks in the market. The benefits of eating carrots are immense for your dog.

First of all, your dog will have good dental hygiene. Some parents invest time in brushing their dog’s teeth. If you’re not one of them, carrots are the veggies to choose from!

Moreover, this snack is low in both calories and fats. But do remember that carrots are not very easily digestible by dogs, so you can boil them slightly before putting them on the plate.


If you’re a pet owner, you would probably know the significance of chicken. It is one of the healthiest raw dog food items. Although chicken served to dogs is pretty different to those suited to humans.

In the case of dogs, the chicken should be wholly unseasoned. It should not have any bones or, for that matter, chicken fat in the serving. Cooked chicken can be a choking hazard to your cute puppy and can also block or tear up their wind up.

On the other hand, chicken served with all the precautions and instructions has an array of benefits to your dog. For starters, it has a very high value of lean protein. That means your dog will have high energy and sustenance after chicken meals.

Not just that, chicken is rich in vitamin B as well. Chicken has a speciality in that its vitamins aren’t destroyed even if kept in the sun or heat. Antioxidants from the chicken boost the pest immune system in your pets, further reducing the chances of infection.

Moreover, chicken can be given to your dog as a temporary replacement to other meals or even as an additive to their regular diet.


Salmons could be a little on the expensive side but are worth it! Remember that this Salmon should never be undercooked and must be seasoned.

Salmon have loads of fatty acids, which will boost your dog’s immunity, reduce any inflammation and help in keeping their fur coat as healthy as possible. Additionally, Salmon is a superb source of protein for your dog.


Eggs contain a variety of good cholesterol, good for your dog’s health. If you’re looking for food that supplies just the right amount of energy to your dog, then eggs are your answer. They are filled with suitable amino acids and are also rich in calcium.

Amino acids help repair muscle, strengthen your hair, and build tissue. Calcium works well in supporting your dog’s bone and teeth strength and health.

Wrap Up

So there you go! A list of the best foods you must feed your pup. Try to ensure that the dealer or seller you buy these from is registered and has good quality snacks. Mixing and matching dishes could also be fun for your dog!

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