What To Get Your Bibliophile Partner This Valentine’s Day

What To Get Your Bibliophile Partner This Valentine’s Day?

Can you feel the love in the air along with this bone-chilling cold? If yes then congratulations, you are one of those lucky few who have someone extremely special in your life with whom you can spend valentines. This one day, in fact, that entire week starting from the 7th of February to the 14th of February is dedicated to love, relationships, and everything amazing about the beautiful bond that two souls share with each other. Every individual has his or her own likes and dislikes preferences and personalities, and based upon them we bond and vibe with each other but once in a while, opposites do attract, and the most amazing kinda love happens. When a social extrovert ends up with an introvert, a chatterbox ends up with a moody-broody and a party lover ends up with a bookworm. Book lovers are the most amazing people to fall for and If you are one of those couples trust us you have a pretty exciting life ahead of you as because of all the books they have read they love hard and are die-hard romantic, they would never cheat on you but they may cancel on your outing plans to stay in and read. However, it also gets difficult sometimes. For example, you are always stuck when it comes to gifting as your choices are polar opposite, but do not worry we are here for you to help you find the best Valentine’s Day surprise gift for your amazingly shy bibliophile partner. We know you are not your partner and may not like reading that much but come on, put in some effort for them, and read on!


“Before starting, it would be better if you figure out which genre your partner is into, we know that there are people who read almost all sort of books but there is always a type they love the most, if you know it then great but if you don’t then we are judging you but it’s alright you can always strike up a conversation and ask. Trust us on this one, a book lover is always up to chat about books!”


First or early editions of their favorite books– If your budget is on the higher side for Valentine’s then nothing can beat the first or early editions of his or her favorite books. Now, remember, they are really very expensive, therefore, make sure that the book you are purchasing is the one they like or else this gift can turn out to be a big bummer as certain people are very peculiar about the things they read and collect. Now these books are not for reading purposes but they have a different sentimental value for a reader so if you do get it right, you will probably get the title of the best boyfriend or girlfriend and a lot more for Valentine’s for sure.


Personalized Bookends– If your sweetheart loves books, then he or she probably has a collection! Therefore, they will surely appreciate personalized bookends that look amazing and serve as practical gifts. You can either use their initials or go for something like potters with their name on it.

Book Clutches- Book clutches are basically like normal clutches that are basically made especially to hold books and keep them safe. You can go for a personalized one with their name engraved on top of his or her picture. You can also go for some designer ones.


Bookmark Set– Every reader loves bookmarks for sure! We all crave those little lovely things we can put inside, as we all hate folding the pages of our beloved books. Get some pretty metal ones or go for the best-quoted ones, either motivational quotes or quotes from their favorite books and authors.


Antique Book Scented Candles– We all love the fragrance of old books so imagine how much a book lover would appreciate that! You can easily find scented candles that produce the fragrance of antique books and are extremely popular among people. After a hectic day, lighting up a candle like the one mentioned above and kicking back with their favorite book would surely become his or her favorite thing to do.

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