What to look for when getting a popup sprinkler?

A good popup sprinkler is an essential part of any lawn care setup. It provides a set amount of water over a specified period, which helps to regulate the amount of water your garden needs. If you’re looking for a new sprinkler, such as a rainbird pop up sprinkler, read this guide to make sure you choose one that will benefit your plants and grass.



The size of the sprinkler you need for your yard is determined by the area you want to water. To resolve this, you’ll need to measure the length and width of your yard. Once that’s done, multiply those two numbers and divide by 27,500 (the number of square feet in one acre). This will give you an idea of how much water your yard needs per day—and, therefore, what kind of sprinkler would be best suited for it.

For example: If your yard measures 35′ x 80′, multiplying 3,800 (35 x 80) gives 2,520 square feet. The recommended amount of water per day for this size plot is 13 gallons per day. So, a typical popup sprinkler would work fine here—but if there is a larger area where more than 13 gallons per day are required (like if there is an entire lawn), then a larger popup may be necessary instead!


The durability of your sprinkler, such as the rainbird pop up sprinkler, is one of the most important factors to consider, as you want it to stay strong after just a few uses. An excellent way to evaluate durability is by looking at the warranty period and seeing how long it lasts. You can also inspect the product for signs of flimsiness or cheapness, indicating poor build quality and reliability.

The brand name should also be considered when assessing product quality, as certain brands tend to stand behind their products better than others (and thus offer more extended warranties). It’s a good idea to look for a company that has been around for decades or even generations to ensure its products are durable.

Water-saving options

If you want to cut down on water waste, look for a sprinkler that has a flow-control feature. Flow control allows you to set how much water is released per hour, which can help prevent the problem of overspray. It also means that if there’s an issue with your sprinkler system—like if it gets clogged or jammed—you’ll have more control over how much water is wasted in fixing it.

If you don’t mind spending extra money upfront, look for one with a rain sensor! These will shut themselves down automatically when it rains outside, so there’s no risk of wasting water.

Ease of installation

One of the essential features to look for when buying a popup sprinkler is the ease of installation. It’s no fun to spend all day trying to get your new sprinkler up and running, only to find that you’ll need an entire toolbox full of specialised tools and equipment to mount the thing. The best popup sprinklers are designed with easy installation in mind—they come with simple instructions, offer video tutorials on their website, and use components that make sense when trying to put them together.

The warranty on your popup is worth considering before making a purchase decision. You want one that covers everything under the sun; it’s not like there’s such a thing as having too much coverage.


These are some things to look for when getting a popup sprinkler. Consider your house’s water pressure and whether it is enough for a popup sprinkler.

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