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Which is the Best PDF Editor?-  Adobe Acrobat VS UPDF

When you look for an easy-to-use PDF editor, you will find there are many PDF editors in the  market, and all of them have their own pros and cons. Adobe Acrobat is the earliest and the most popular PDF editor, but it is too expensive for most people. Nowadays, many Adobe Acrobat alternatives spring up. One of them is UPDF,  a completely free PDF editor. These two PDF programs can provide you with all the basic tools to edit your PDF files instantly without any security issues. In this article, we are going to make a caparison of the two PDF editors to find which is the most proper one for you.

UPDF – Truly Free PDF Reader and Editor

UPDF is a free PDF editing toolkit that is developed by Superace Software Technologies with all essential features; you can edit, annotate, and manage PDF files using it. Let us see some advanced features of this unique and free PDF editor.

  • It is 100% free to use on Mac and Windows operating systems without any editing limitations.
  • You can edit unlimited PDF files with all essential tools. 
  • UPDF enables you to edit text and image in PDF, annotate PDF, and organize PDF pages quickly
  • It possesses a unique and delightful interface, making you edit PDF files easier.
  • You can manage PDF files in UPDF without limitations.
  • There is no ad and no watermarks when you processing and saving PDF documents.
  • It has a stable performance and fast open speed.

As a free excel to pdf, UPDF meets your common needs to view, edit, and annotate PDF files.

One of its greatest benefits is free of cost. It’s not the free trial version, it’s truly free to use for lifetime. Many people are looking this kind of PDF editor to view and edit their PDFs. You can use it to annotate PDF on Mac effortlessly when you reading a PDF file. For example, you can highlight, underline, add shapes and notes to PDF with ease.

Adobe Acrobat DC – Powerful PDF Editor

Adobe Acrobat DC is another PDF editor developed by Adobe Inc that is used to view, edit and use all types of portable PDF files. 

  • This is a reliable software that comes with powerful editing functions on your desktop and mobile devices. 
  • Millions of organizations are using this powerful software to edit PDF files professionally.
  • You can convert your PDF files into all Microsoft formats to use in any format you want.
  • It allows you to add digital signature, create and fill forms, embed audios and videos, etc.
  • This powerful software has all the necessary tools for PDF files to make changes to PDF. 
  • You need to pay $179.88/year to use its all features.

Adobe Acrobat possesses more features of PDF processing. It can hardly meet all needs to edit, annotate, convert, create, and protect a PDF file, even some advanced feature, such as measurement,           multimedia and 3D models, etc.

Comparison of UPDF and Adobe Acrobat

When you select a PDF editor, you need choose a proper tool based on your needs. UPDF and Adobe Acrobat are both PDF editor that can meets your basic needs. The biggest difference is that UPDF is truly free to use, but Acrobat needs  $179.88/year. If you need to edit your PDF files at no cost, UPDF is the best choice for you. 

On the other hand, although  UPDF meets users’ basic needs to manage PDF files, there are some advanced features that UPDF does not support yet, such as digital signature, OCR, and so on. But Adobe Acrobat supports the most features of PDF processing. Besides, Adobe Acrobat has an online tool making you edit PDF on browser.

Why Choose UPDF to Edit PDF Files?

We have discussed the features of Adobe Acrobat and UPDF and explained their pros and cons. But for the most people, they don’t need some advanced and complicated features. Viewing, editing, and annotating are the most common needs. Therefore, for this case, UPDF is the best and the most proper PDF editor that can meet your these basic needs. More importantly, you can use it for free without limitations and watermarks. Come to select it to start viewing, editing, and annotating your PDF documents today for free.

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