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Who offer same day couch cleaning services in Sydney?

Who offers the best couch cleaning services in Sydney? Couch Master would be the answer. Not only does Couch Master offer the best in couch cleaning services, but we also offer SAME DAY couch cleaning services. No matter how big or small the job, Couch Master will get it done right away, and you will be back to having a clean and well maintained couch. This is how we do it.


We Use the Best Equipment

When we enter your home to clean your couch, you can be certain that we are bringing in the best and most up-to-date equipment there is when it comes to cleaning furniture. Our equipment is always maintained and working at full force. We use state-of-the-art vacuums and steamers to ensure that stains are targeted, lifted, and cleaned out without any effects to your upholstery or your fabric. We do our job to perfection.

We Can Clean Just About Any Stain

We have yet to meet a stain we couldn’t get out. At Couch Master we have the expertise and skills to get out any stain. If it’s a mould stain from a botched cleanup that was not done properly, we can get it out. Mould can affect your health and the environment of your home, and we are the ones who can eliminate it for good. Juice stains, bloodstains, stubborn pet stains, can all be removed fast and easily without hitting your pocket hard or taking up all of your day.

We Remove Stains and the Odour

Odours come from each stain that gets into your upholstery. If your beloved pet has an accident, if you spill tea or coffee, or if you spill food with a pungent odour, we can get it out for you. Our machines lift the stain out so that there is no evidence of a spill, and at the same time, we neutralize the odour so that it evaporates into thin air leaving your home and furniture looking great and smelling great.

We Do More Than Couches

We may be called Couch Master, but we are stain removal masters. We can clean any kind of upholstery even if it’s not your couch. We can also perform stain removal on any type of furniture. It doesn’t matter where the stain is, we have an experienced team you can trust with any kind of stain removal.

We can steam clean your couch even if there is no stain. Our couches need to be freshened up from time to time because of all the living we do in the living room. If you have an event coming up, holidays approaching, or a party for family and friends, we can come a few days before and steam clean your couch so that it looks brand new. Don’t go out and buy a new couch when the one you have can be cleaned to look like you just bought it.

Contact us today and before you know it, your couches, chairs, and lounges will all be looking brand new.

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