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Why Learn English-the Importance of Learning the English Language

Learning any second language has immense impacts on one’s life, especially English language learning. If you are here to know about the importance of the English language, you are right. Most of the users might question the scope of learning a new language. However, after reading this blog, it will persuade you that it has become the unbearable need of the day.

There are millions of candidates in the queue to submit their forms in the online courses of learning any second language (the second language means that it is not one’s native language) like Arabic, Urdu, Pashto, and English. However, here we will discuss the reasons for rushing the folks toward learning the advanced English language.

You can detect the importance of online English Language courses by the following points.


Widely understood in the world

English is a universal language. It is widely spoken and written in offices, education institutions, trade centers, official communication, etc. According to a report, approximately 1.31 billion people use English, either their native or second language.

So, everyone in the world would be likely ready to learn English and stand in level with others having experience in speaking or writing English.

Language of business

Business people use the English language globally for business communication and transactions. It is a vital tool for traders to run their international trades smoothly. Almost 70% of business executives need to master English for accomplishing their plans.

Sometimes, you meet some clients whose language is not your language in an online business. So, then for better dealing, you have to communicate them in English.

Compulsory subjects in the educational institutions

Almost all educational institutions in Pakistan require students to learn English as a compulsory subject. Even in some universities, if you want to take admission in any subject, you have to pass a comprehensive English language test. In some countries, speaking fluent English is considered a sign of civilization, especially in advanced cities of Pakistan.

Furthermore, the English language section is included in any test taken for employment; in an interview, you should have a good command over English. Pakistan’s top civil service also requires you to have outstanding experience in the English language, spoken and written.

Language of the internet

In today’s dynamic era, the internet has conquered all life fields, including education, health, business, entertainment, etc. But, the internet itself has acquired its value due to the English Language. A report stated that more than 536 million people use the internet in the English language.

Without knowing the English language, you cannot use it properly. There are many social media platforms to make international relations, but again you will need to learn English to build up strong relations. In short, you cannot deny the importance of the English Language.

  Language of learning

There are millions of books related to religion, literature, economics, health, entertainment, lifestyle, fitness, and philosophy, etc. in educational institutions, without language book, all other books: chemistry, physics, math, biology, history, geography, etc. are taught in the English language.

So, you have to learn English to learn other knowledge completely. Learning the English language opens many doors to success for you. As there are 100%, competitive examinations are in the English language. In scoring higher marks in any test, your English language skills help you in the best way.

Besides the books, as we discussed above, if you want to study through the internet, you can hardly find any blog, article, or text documents in a language other than English.


Now, you may have understood the importance of English and may have found the answer to why you learned English. However, to enrol yourself in online English language courses, click on We offer exceptional language learning services in the presence of national and international tutors.

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