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Why You Should Forget Everything You Learned About Khwezi Trade Review

Khwezi Trade
Clients of Khwezi Trade Review have the option of using Flexi Analysis, a third-party service that delivers real-time technical analysis updates and alerts. This tool may be found on the trader’s dashboard and covers fundamental news, technical analysis, candle pattern identification signals, and indicators identification signals.


Swap Fees: –

The overnight switch fee is a significant trading expense to keep in mind. The difference among the interest rates of the two currencies being traded is used to calculate this fee Khwezi Trade Review. Exchange fees on long positions are -7.1076 cents, while those on short positions are +0.42 cents for the EUR/USD. Contract parameters and swap costs, two of the most critical considerations for traders, are not available on Khwezi Trade’s website.

Non-trading Fees: –

Khwezi Trade’s non-trading fees are much less expensive than those charged by other brokerages. Dormant accounts at Khwezi Trade are not charged any fees for deposits or withdrawals as Khwezi Trade Review. Welcome news in an industry where costs are levied on nearly every transaction.

Khwezi Trade’s Account Types: –

Khwezi Trade Review shows four different account types, which is more than most brokers offer, and these accounts are suitable for both new traders and more seasoned investors alike. Khwezi Trade provides a demo account as well as four real-world trading accounts. Beginners and more experienced traders will find the versions appealing because they offer additional benefits and lower spreads with more considerable minimum deposits.

A novice trader has never traded before or has only sold for a short period, such as a year or less. Inexperienced traders may not trade full-time throughout the workweek since they do not want to risk vast sums of money. Accounts better serve beginner traders with smaller minimum deposits and micro-lot trading capabilities. These accounts typically have bigger spreads than those that need more extensive minimum deposits to open an account. An initial $500 investment is required to open the Khwezi Trade Silver Account, which offers micro-lot trading and is ideal for novice traders.

Live Accounts: –

To open an account, you must meet the following requirements Khwezi Trade Review:

  • Silver Account: Khwezi Trade’s entry-level account, the Silver Account, demands a ZAR 500 deposit. The EUR/USD spreads on this account are, on average, 1.4 pips wider than the spreads on entry-level accounts at other brokers. There is also a weekly Fundamental Newsletter that traders can subscribe to.
  • Gold Account: 2,000 ZAR is the minimum deposit for the Gold Account. With no commissions, the EUR/USD spreads start at 1.0 pip, slightly wider than the average spreads at other brokers on similar accounts. Access to free training sessions, a dedicated account manager, and frequent market analysis emails are all available to Gold Account members.
  • Platinum Account: The spread on the commission-free Platinum Account averages 0.7 pips with a minimum deposit of 10,000ZAR. All Silver and Gold account benefits are available to Premium Account holders and the Market Analysis Portal and VIP movies Khwezi Trade Review.
  • Diamond Account: To open a Diamond Account, you must deposit at least 30,000 ZAR. On the EUR/USD, spreads are on the order of 0.4 pips, and there are no fees associated with this account.

Mobile Trading: –

With Khwezi Trade Review mobile trading platforms, the options are limited. Android, iOS, and Windows devices can all run MetaTrader4 (MT4). Mobile and desktop trading will be synchronized through the app’s connection to the same account. Compared with desktop trading platforms, traders should be aware that there is a loss of capability in lower time frames and slighter charting possibilities.


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