Will online learning replace historical schooling?

Will online learning replace historical schooling?

We all can see the rapid changes in everything as technology makes its place in the world. The world is of online working and education today. Every one of us loves to work through technology as it makes our work easier and faster in this challenging world. It fulfils our requirements, plus it is helping us do things that were not possible before. The most benefits are available to the workers and students. The advantages are so many that the educational systems plan to replace the traditional learning system. Students are also happy with the new methods of learning. They can easily find help for their assignments through dissertation writing service uk. So the new changes are making education go towards a better place.


People might debate that the traditional learning system is more useful than online learning as students can communicate directly with their teachers. Nevertheless, as technology enhances the online lessons might take the place of the traditional learning system on the day. The online education system is more effective because it saves students time and money to study abroad. Students can focus on their extra-curricular activities with time and do not have to spend more time studying only. It can become hectic to give more time to the studies and not have time for other things. With the new way of learning, students have time to rest because health is very important to study. They can set their schedule at home at flexible timings. Students concentrate better through online learning, focusing on the screen even though they are not under the teacher’s observation. They have to respond to everything the teacher is explaining, letting the teacher know that the student is concentrating. As the teachers get to know about the focusing of their students, they can better monitor the students. Teachers can also easily focus on the activity of the students through the applications that enable teachers to analyze the work of students.


After school and college, it is hard to contact the teachers for the students. But technology is making it easier for the students. They can communicate with their teachers anytime and ask if they have any problems in the lessons. It is also easy for the teacher as their burden decreases when they discuss the queries anytime. They are not bound to communicate and clear the students’ queries. Google Meet and Zoom are the best software and applications that make communication easier for the students and teachers. They can call anytime and the video to understand the lectures better in no time. It will not be like the traditional school timings that students have to wait the entire evening and night to ask questions in the classroom. The online world is boosting interaction which was not very easy before.


Should online education replace traditional learning?

Traditional and online learning both are beneficial in different ways. Preferably, students and teachers should learn to make fair use of both systems. But nothing should be replaced and remain in their place. It is true and visible to us very clearly that many things are better with the online facilities. But these facilities are better for busy office workers or adults. They prefer to learn and work from the comfort of their homes, so online facilities help them from every aspect. Many people have to work and learn together to use the online platform to learn after work from their homes to lessen their burdens.

On the other hand, it is a little different for the students. The traditional learning system is also very helpful for the students as it keeps up with the social interaction, which is a necessity for the development of youngsters. Students learn the skills to become socially active from their schools which is very good in the traditional learning systems. There are no online interfaces to distract the students from the social interactions and help them speak face to face rather than through the screen or chats. Social interactions with teachers and other classmates make the traditional education system fun. Physical activities are not possible through online facilities. In the traditional classrooms, the teachers can check up on every student effectively when we look at it from the perspective of the weaknesses and strengths of students. Teachers can recognize which student is not grasping the lectures. Behind the camera and microphone in the online educational system, it is often hard to monitor the students’ actions, expressions, and thinking. It is not easy for the teacher to recognize that the student is struggling to grasp everything they are teaching.


More reasons behind not replacing traditional schooling

The other reasons that prove about the replacement of traditional schooling are here:

  • When students take online classes and study different chemicals in Chemistry, they have to do it practically. The practice helps them understand the chemicals better. Moreover, teachers can easily explain the chemical mixing and other things in front of the students. Practical help the student have a real-life experience regarding those things. It is not possible in online learning. The same is the case with the students who study film courses.
  • Electronic devices, internet connections, and the proper studying environment are not available to everyone. There are many areas where internet connections are weak, and many students cannot afford electronic devices. Also, many students do not feel comfortable studying at home because of the uncertain environment.
  • Screen-timing has become a big issue as well because it links to anxiety. When students start online education, screen timing will increase, so replacing the traditional learning system is better.


So it is better if online education and traditional education remain in their place and replace nothing. As we can observe how both education methods are good for the students, but the online education system is good to a limit; otherwise, the traditional educational system is best. We can use technology in our lives in different ways and make use of it, but we should not forget the benefits of traditional things.

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