What actually is Ankha Zone?

You could have realized about the web based video known as “Ankha Zone” and pondered where to watch it. The video was at first shared on YouTube yet has been eliminated because it contains disgusting substance and against local area rules. In spite of the fact that, it has been again transferred by clients on […]

What is Tiktok mashup?

Tiktok mashup are the sounds that are made by blending at least two tunes. these sounds are utilized y well known tiktockers and become famous among individuals. These Tiktok mashups are made or created by numerous subject matter experts. they really buckle down in their studios to create these mashups. These mashups are not by […]

Suicide a global epidemic but preventable

Suicide has become a global epidemic. It is estimated that there are about 800,000 suicides worldwide every year and of these about 135,000 (17%) are in India. There is one person committing suicide every 40 seconds worldwide. For each person that died by suicide there may have been more than 20 others attempting suicide. On […]